2018 Pharmacy Forecast [FREE eBOOK]

We are giving away 2018 Pharmacy Forecast [FREE eBOOK] as a token of gratitude. The one Most important report you should read now and make yourself known about the changes that are happening around the world right now in the pharmacy and healthcare. DOWNLOADS 23221 from COUNTRIES 72 CONTENTS OF THE 2018 PHARMACY FORECAST: The Read more about 2018 Pharmacy Forecast [FREE eBOOK][…]


the current strategy we recommend for our customers is Shopping Spine – This concept is the building block of our pharmacy design. Generally shopping paths inside the pharmacies are rigid and linear but shopping spine is a concept where the shopping path in the design layout is bold, flexible, smooth and free-flowing which makes the Read more about SHOPPING PATH STRATEGIES: Pharmacy Design[…]

How to be the ​Top Pharmacy of your city?

so is the role of Pharmacy, it has come a long way from the traditional characteristics of drugstore, there are hundreds of ways to buy anything, your pharmacy is just one another way to purchase if you want your community to rely on your service, “how can my pharmacy make the difference in the community? Read more about How to be the ​Top Pharmacy of your city?[…]

How to Increase the Foot-Fall in your Pharmacy?

In the world we now live in, something is competing for our attention literally every moment of the day, so how are you grabbing the attention of the customers in your community regardless of high competition. One biggest opportunity every pharmacist and other retailers got to express their uniqueness to the community are through their Read more about How to Increase the Foot-Fall in your Pharmacy?[…]


The design of pharmacy shopfronts requires consideration not only of signage but also of a number of other matters including the scale and design of openings, choice of materials and finishes, and the treatment of any architectural features on the facade. The uncomplicated design and high quality detailing are trademarks of a quality shop front. The Read more about PHARMACY SHOPFRONT Design Guidelines[…]

BRAND IDENTITY for Independent and Start-Up Pharmacy

There are several ways through which your pharmacy can interact with the customers in your local market. One of the most important thing which position you in your community is the branding. Branding is not just for the big chain pharmacies; branding in independent community pharmacies is more important than ever because Brand identity is Read more about BRAND IDENTITY for Independent and Start-Up Pharmacy[…]

Visual Merchandising for Improving Pharmacy Sales

Pharmacists want their pharmacy to attract customers and thereby assisting the customers to find the products they desire; motivate them to make planned, unplanned and impulse purchases, and ultimately providing the customers with enjoyable shopping experiences. To reach this goal your pharmacy should communicate with your market, constantly transmitting the good values of shopping in Read more about Visual Merchandising for Improving Pharmacy Sales[…]

Losing Your Pharmacy To Supermarket.?

You are not the only one facing this issue, This is one major threat to your pharmacy and to pharmacies around the world, thousands of pharmacies are closed after losing their business in competition with the supermarkets. In many countries, there are echoes of earlier battles, where supermarkets effectively killed off traditional butchers, bakers and Read more about Losing Your Pharmacy To Supermarket.?[…]

PHARMACY ENTREPRENEUR : How to Start Your New Pharmacy

Pharmacy trade is a very good thing and Starting a retail business is a very right step to take if you are looking to delve into the retail pharmacy business because of the great returns on investment that is being guaranteed. Retail pharmacy industry is known to be highly competitive in most parts of the Read more about PHARMACY ENTREPRENEUR : How to Start Your New Pharmacy[…]

Pharmacy Space Management

Space management is one of the major pillars which determines the sales of your pharmacy, customer behaviour inside the shop and shapes the overall customer’s shopping experience inside your pharmacy. Many times, pharmacists like you believes, the more products you display in the retail space – the more you sell but this concept is old Read more about Pharmacy Space Management[…]