Losing Your Pharmacy To Supermarket.?

Are you loosing a major part of your potential business to supermarket giants..?

You are not the only one facing this issue, This is one major threat to your pharmacy and to pharmacies around the world, thousands of pharmacies are closed after losing their business in competition with the supermarkets.
In many countries, there are echoes of earlier battles, where supermarkets effectively killed off traditional butchers, bakers and greengrocers when customers were lured away by claims of lower prices and the convenience of buying everything under one roof. People trust their community pharmacy but supermarkets are an ongoing threat because they are perceived as being better value than your community pharmacy. It's a big warning and is the high time for pharmacists in many countries to act and to take necessary precautions in order to keep up with the business.

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Number of countries with their

regulations allowing supermarkets to have in-house pharmacy is growing, your country may adopt to this regulation sooner or later and that might gives a very narrow market share for an independent community pharmacist like you.

How can you save your Pharmacy from this threat.?

As a community pharmacist, you will need to maintain high standards on your services if you wish to prevent the supermarket giants from succeeding in their push to gain access to your community, All your activities and operations must be revisited and analyzed to serve your community better and to meet all their needs.
In reality, your pharmacy can emulate supermarkets in terms of creating an attractive and convenient shopping environment with a well categorized Space Planning and at the same time selling the products through personal service, gain their trust and by building relationships with customers.Much of your business can be improved through community-oriented marketing campaigns and emphasizing greatly on what your pharmacy can offer in terms of service and convenience, which a large supermarket does not offer.

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1. Creating Business Plan
2. Brand Manual & Logo Design
3. In-store & Online Marketing Strategy
4. Space Planning & Pharmacy Design
5. Cross Selling and up-selling Techniques
6. Visual Merchandising


The moral of this story is very much, yes you must be competitive but price alone is not everything. Convenience, trust and service do have a value, indeed your community pharmacy can meet the needs of customers through several other ways.


​“We become what we behold.

We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”

Now is the time..!

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